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Welcome to Body Evolution Fitness University. We are for all of you that want to live a healthier lifestyle yet fell like you do not fit anywhere else. We are proud of the diversity of our fitness & weight loss transformation program. From ages, race, body weights and fitness levels. This is our Testimony Page. If you are like most that you see below, you have been thinking about beginning a weight loss and or fitness program for months or even years. You may have some health concerns, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hip or knee issues…. or you may damn well be in great shape and seeking a new fitness program to freshen things up a bit. If you ask our fitness & weight loss personal trainers, it doesn’t matter what your goal is….. because Your Goal is Our Goal.

Check out some of the testimonials below, I am sure you will find one you can relate to.

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Kelly lost 47 pounds at Body Evolution in only 120 days.

boot camp louisville

She lost 27 of those in the last 60 days on our 8 Week Sexy Slim Down Challenge*.

zaroslys 2



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I knew Body Evolution was the fitness program for me when Walt helped be break a weight loss plateau with his nutritional guidance and I lost 7 pounds that week. Not to mention a fellow camper encouraged me to run a 1/4 marathon ( I was not a runner) and I completed it without any training other than what I got at Body Evolution. I used to HATE running, B.E. has made it a million times better and now I run all the time. Thank you Team B.E. – Sarah *




fitness boot camp louisville

Meet James. He lost 58 lbs and 9 – 10% body fat at Body Evolution.*

louisville weight loss




Betty murdered some body fat to get in her new beach body condition by melting 10.6 pounds of fat in 60 days.*





Karen “The Beast” Williams


Body Evolution has truly changed my life! I used to be a “small” girl before getting married and having 2 kids. After that I hit a major slump and let myself go. Fast forward 10 years, 2 kids and knowing on the door of 34- I know I am now in the best shape of my life. Thank you Body Evolution – Karen Williams*





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I have lost over 85 pounds in the last 8 months training with Body Evolution. I am a mother of three and a full-time college student with a part-time job. Needless to say, I have put the needs of others in front of mine for many years. I got tired of always taking care of others and putting myself last. I now consistently train with Body Evolution 3-5 days per week. I am still employed, going to school and a wife and mother of three, so the boot camp training allows me to accomplish my cardio and muscle toning all in the same workout. I have done personal training in the past, but have found that boot camp training allows me the time to take care of my family and myself. – Misty *





In December 2009 I had gastric bypass surgery and at first the weight came off very easy. By April 2012 the weight wasn’t coming off any more and I knew I had to start working out. I started training with Walt in April 2012 and the weight again started dropping. Before I started working with Walt I lost 60 pounds and since working with him in April I have lost 108 pounds and counting. I feel so much better after working with Walt and I am amazed how each week and month I can do things I never thought possible. Walt has been great at giving me guidance in nutritional advice along with a workout to help me reach my goals. Thanks for the great help! – Kari Haller *




annie 2


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Meet Alicia. She lost 9 inches and 2.4% body fat in 60 days.*






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fitness_boot_camp_louisville_kyI started my weight loss journey almost three years ago at 315 lbs. Using Walt’s guidance and knowledge about health and physical fitness, I am reaching my goal weight and having fun doing it. It’s great to have someone to support you in your journey, but also someone who keeps you on track and who constantly motivates you along the way. I have lost 140 lbs. in just over two years, and my training with Walt is getting me through the roughest part of it. Thanks! – Angela Swartz *





brian & kristen


Welcome to my testimony page. My name is Walt and I am the owner of Body Evolution. I believe it is critical for a fitness professional to not only demonstrate an above average level of fitness, I also believe it is critical our members be able to relate with the real life ups and downs of nutritional and or fitness levels. We are REAL people that face the same issues as you. I walk the walk and fall of the wagon too. LOL If you have the desire to improve your current fitness level, come see us. Just move more and eat better. You will reach you goal.- Walt *

        The first 4 pictures was me the week of Christmas 2009. On January 1, 2012, I stepped onto the scale and I weighed 203.5 pounds. My new year’s resolution was to lose 60 pounds in one year. I had made a decision for myself to lose weight. Christmas 2009 was the biggest I had ever been in my life-including pregnancies. Struggling with depression and a bad separation with my husband I allowed myself to get that way. I said enough is enough and from that day on I decided to get Lisa back! I started praying, eating right and going to the gym 4 days a week. Then I met Walt and he started training me. Walt kept me motivated and reminded me of my goal and why I wanted to lose weight. This was a long and hard journey but it all paid off. Thank you Jesus!!! Now I’m happy with myself and my body. I’m still maintaining and I feel a lot better inside and out. The last pictures were taken at my class reunion and I felt so beautiful!! I had not seen that Lisa in years. I had lost 56 pounds in 9 months!! I felt like a hot momma with so much confidence! I would like to thank God for getting me through my struggles, Walt my trainer, for his help and support, and my family and friends for their love and support! I never want to see that person again and I won’t see that person again. The key to losing weight is to eat healthier by making better choices, and working out. Personal training helps make your body look better by ditching the body fat and helps maintain it once you lose it! – Lisa Eleby *









Karri lost 35 pounds and changed her whole lifestyle.








I want to start by saying that this has truly been a life-changing experience for me. I’ve been overweight since I was a pre-teen… It’s truly great to have someone that is on your side and understands your need to meet your goals… It’s not about having a babysitter because ultimately you have to do all the work, but it’s great to have someone that understands the exercises that your body needs and can move the work up as your strength moves up. I was lucky enough to work with Walt and I can tell you it is the best thing. I completely recommend anyone to get a personal trainer. It’s been one of the best decisions of my life. – Areli Vega *




Jackie1-300x192 Before I met Walt I was on medications for Asthma, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. Within the first 2 months, with Walt’s education and support, I was able to stop taking ALL the medications I was on. Not to mention the inches and weight that fell off. Within the first 5 months I lost over 61 lbs., 23 inches (overall) and 9% body fat. Seven months later, with the help of Walt, I am still losing the weight, inches and body fat. Currently, I have lost over 90lbs, 3 dress sizes, 48 inches (overall) and down to 21% body fat. Without Walt’s experience, training, education and the outstanding support, I would not have gotten this far. I have tried most diets out there, and none of them has given me the results that have affected me mentally, medically and physically like Walt’s training has! – Jackie Ray *

Rachel june 2014




Rachel started our program shy and insecure. Today she is much leaner, confident and happy in her own skin.








When I started Body Evolution I was borderline diabetic and my cholesterol was over 400. I was the definition of a couch potato. The people here from the other clients, trainers, to the owners make everyone feel equal and important. I am no longer a couch potato, I’ve lost over 80 pounds, my cholesterol is under 200, my blood sugar is now normal, and I now have an active lifestyle. I do mud runs (as in the pic), road runs, and even hikes. I love Body Evolution! They saved my LIFE! – Thank you Team B.E. , – Christy *





Not all testimonies have to come as before and after pics.

It is what others say about a person that displays their true character.

I love it when I receive messages like these from my clients.



























*I have been a member for 3 happy years. Body Evolution has given me a new challenge in life when I thought it couldn’t ge t any better for my workouts. The trainers are very experienced and make working out fun again. BE is awesome!  -Ev Gregory








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* The preceding testimonies are genuine personal testimonies of actual Body Evolution members. There are no magic pills for receiving these types of results. These testimonies are of members that participated in our program a minimum of 3, one hour sessions per week and followed our suggested meal plan. Each individual is different, and results may vary.