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Here at Body Evolution Fitness we are NOT for everyone. We have created a structured, yet fun fitness training program that is tailored for busy moms and dads that want to be in the best shape of their lives. We are for those that feel they do not fit in any place else.

We are truly the judgement free zone, however we ONLY wants members who are truly ready for change and are prepared to put in the work necessary to succeed.

There are only 2 requirement s to that must be met to be apart of Team B.E.

  1. You MUST have a true desire to be better today than you were yesterday.
  2. You MUST be coachable.

At Body Evolution Fitness all members and staff will be respected mutually. There is zero tolerance on this. And NO , the customer is NOT always right.

While customer service is very high on our list of priorities, outwardly negative or disrespectful members to peers or STAFF will not be tolerated.

Most of our members had failed many times in the past and for many our gym is their peace of mind, support system and family. This is where ONLY positive energy will be accepted.

Negative “Nancy” members do NOT fit here. If you are an outward negative person this is NOT the program for you. Yes, we know we all have shit that we go through, and simply chatting privately with a member or staff to help you mentally is not only accepted but 100% encouraged – negative nasty, gossip spreading energy is not.  Two members in the last 10 years have been asked to leave our program their energy was not a good fit here.

Our other members truly appreciated that decision.

ALL Races, political views, religions, and sexual orientations are welcome here.

We are people and we love people.

Simple as that.  


Walt Fleitz
Walt Fleitz
Owner | Lead Coach and Program Designer
Karri Goodall
Karri Goodall
Josh Brentlinger
Josh Brentlinger


Human Foosball Games

A Little Core Cardio

Core Cardio Using Suspension

Beginners Level

Beginners Level Core Work

Beginners Level Core Cardio

Lower with Cardio

Core Work

Upper Body Work

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