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If it’s important you’ll find a way. If it’s not you’ll find an excuse.



Unlike other fitness programs that claim their program is “ for all fitness levels” – Our beginners ONLY fitness boot camp is designed truly for beginners.

Our Beginners Fitness Boot Camp is the same high quality training program as our others, with a few differences.

The primary purpose of our beginners program is to provide a comfortable and non-intimidating group training program demanding maximal results.  You will not get some cheesy watered down version of fitness training.

Our beginners  fitness training program is the exact same exercises as our primary program however there are a few differences. The most important difference is everyone in the program are at a true beginners level. Now some may be day 1, others may be in their third month.

While many may be looking to drop some body fat from 10 to 110 pounds, others are looking to improve their health, self esteem and some are all of the above.

Like our primary program, there are modifications for EVERY exercise in our beginners program however in our Beginners Program most people will be doing different modifications for their personal needs. Some have low back issues, knee replacements, hip and shoulder issues. We can modify for all of it.

For others , diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease and stroke may be their primary concern.

I truly believe for those with multiple fitness failures in the past – if one has the desire and WILL to make significant life changes – at Body Evolution Fitness you will get the support, tools, and friendships that will all but ensure your success.


Our “My Life Has Purpose” Habits & Lifestyle Coaching program is centered around the principles of my 4 pillars of Success.

Mindset. Lifestyle. Habits. Passion.

At Body Evolution Fitness & Lifestyle Transformations we take a 4 part approach to weight loss transformations. Our program is about a total body and lifestyle transformations, not just weight loss.

You see, for most of my fitness training career my primary client demographic has not only been women, but primarily busy moms.

What I discovered was several very important details when it comes to women and weight loss.

  1. Moms are very giving, yet they do very little for themselves. Their spouse, kids, pets, job, and house to name a few all rank higher than mom in her eyes.
  2. For the most part I have found 2 primary reasons moms or women decide to make their health and fitness a priority. One is the shallow reason of, “I’m tired of being fat and ugly” or “I want to be healthy for my kids”.
  3. They have tried to “lose weight” many times in the past without success
  4. The scale is their only measure of success.
  5. They rarely follow through and adapt a lifestyle change because either the diet is way too restrictive, they are always hungry, get tired of eating foods they don’t like, or it’s hard for them to stay motivated when the scale stops showing results, and typically a combination of several of the above.

So I’ve taken all of the above into consideration over the last few years and created the “My Life Has Purpose” Fitness and Lifestyle Transformation program.

“My Life Has Purpose” represents my 4 pillars of success.

Mindset. Lifestyle. Habits. Passion.

What I discovered after years of training women for weight loss, is that 80% of this journey is mental, and even a higher percentage of my clients actually under eat – not over eat.

When a client is looking lose 40, 50, 60 pounds or more it can seem like an impossible feat if the ONLY measurement of success is what the scale says. We as humans, like immediate gratification and if you are looking at the final weight loss goal far too often we never make it. They pay off is NOT quick enough so we lose interest and give up or quit.

This problem is exactly why I created my 4 pillars of Success. Mindset. Lifestyle. Habits. Passion. “My Life Has Purpose”.

I found it very important to build a program around the needs of my clients, and proactively address recurring issues from the past by removing or limiting the obstacles that routinely derailed them in the past.

Many trainers have their set nutrition or training program and will push it upon their client and expect their client to 100% adapt to their plan without any consideration for the clients current likes, dislikes, or daily life. While this may work for a short term pure weight loss tactic, I have found it very unsuccessful for adapting a true lifestyle change.

What many trainers fail to realize is the commitment a client has to a health and fitness plan will be drastically less than that of their own – and rightfully so. When it comes to general weight loss clients, their new training program is NOT their number one priority. Their work and family typically is, and they need a trainer that understands that.

“I want fitness to become part of your life- not become your life.” – Walt Fleitz

Below is a list of a few of the most common reasons my clients have failed on previous attempts at weight loss.

Top 15 Reasons for previous failures:  (in random order)

  1. Diet results in constant hunger.
  2. Diet results in barley enough energy to get through the day.
  3. Diet requires eating foods they hate.
  4. Diet requires eating like a “rabbit”.
  5. No time for or hate eating breakfast.
  6. Diet leaves them “hangry”.
  7. Not enough time.
  8. Feeling uncomfortable at their local gym.
  9. Not knowing what to do at the gym.
  10. Not knowing what to eat.
  11. Money.
  12. Minimal or slow results.
  13. YoYo’ing on the scale each day/week
  14. Being discouraged in general with “life”.
  15. Depression.

After LISTENING to my clients and what their typical failures were, I set out to design a program that proactively addresses these issues before they happen in order to ensure success.

What I discovered was the ONE thing that each client truly lacked was their true ‘WHY?”

Far too often women do not recognize their true WHY. On the surface, their reason (why) for working out or eating better is to either lose weight or for the “kids”. While these are in fact good reasons, to ensure a successful lifestyle change it will take a much deeper, emotional reason. It is merely a cop out when a client simply tries to claim she is just “lazy”. There are so many deeper reasons one must connect with to be able to endure the necessary sacrifices that not only will ensure success, but also provide other measures of daily successes.  

I am also the Online Transformation King and my key to successful Fitness & Lifestyle Transformations are my 4 Pillars of Success.  

If you think you have tried everything, tired of constant failures, and weight loss has been your only goal in the past then my 12 Week Habits & Lifestyle Coaching Program is the missing link to YOUR Body Evolution.



Would you benefit from some ideas, strategies and a motivational boost to help you eat better…and feel better?

Do you for the most part know what you should be doing but need the accountability?

You need a coach!

I offer video call based nutrition coaching so you can “meet” with me face to face from the comfort of your own home…or wherever you are.

When you decide to work with me as a coach, I’ll start by finding out where you are today, where you hope to go, and what’s worked or not worked for you in the past.

I don’t do cookie cutter meal plans…I’ll collaborate with you to develop an individualized plan for eating well that works for your tastebuds, your schedule and your life.


Are you stuck in a food rut and need a fresh perspective? Have you already made healthy changes, but now your motivation is waning? Do you just need a nudge down the path to better nutrition and health? Maybe you need a kick start!

The One-Month Wellness Kick Start includes:

  • An initial 60-minute phone assessment
  • One 30-minute phone follow-up
  • Additional support via email

One-Month Wellness Kick Start: $195

Are you tired of feeling tired? Do you want to start some healthier habits…and get them to stick? Are you ready to get off the diet rollercoaster and learn to eat intuitively? Do you need help getting a handle on food intolerances? Let’s reboot!

The Three-Month Wellness Reboot includes:

  • Initial 60-minute phone assessment
  • Three 30-minute phone follow-ups
  • Additional support via email

Contact me via the form below to purchase!

Three-Month Wellness Reboot: $325

Are you super-committed to creating a healthier lifestyle and want all the support, motivation and individualized tools you need to eat well and be well? Then let’s optimize your journey toward maximal wellness!

The Six-Month Wellness Optimizer includes:

  • An initial 60-minute phone assessment
  • Six 30-minute phone follow-ups
  • Additional support via email

Contact me via the form below to purchase!

Six-Month Wellness Optimizer: $500

Once you’ve completed a wellness coaching package with me, you may decide that you could benefit from continued support, motivation and troubleshooting. I’m happy to schedule one or more phone follow-ups with you!

30-Minute Follow-Up Sessions:

  • Single session: $70
  • Package of three sessions: $200
  • Package of six sessions: $390


45-Minute Follow-Up Sessions:

  • Single session: $100
  • Package of three sessions: $280
  • Package of six session: $550


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